Mikron Automation

In the Mikron Automation business segment, demand from its most important sales market, the pharmaceutical and medtech industries, remained high at all times during the year under review. Following the successful fiscal year 2021, the business segment succeeded in further improving its profitability. Mikron Automation’s record order intake of was characterized by multiple orders from a market-leading pharmaceutical company. Overall, capacity utilization was very good throughout the course of the year. In China, however, business was still impacted by the Covid pandemic-driven lockdowns. In Boudry, the new state-of-the-art assembly hall was fully operational.

Key figures for Mikron Automation
At CHF 183.8 million, the Mikron Automation business segment exceeded the net sales for the 2021 financial year (CHF 176.7 million) by 4.0%. At CHF 239.0 million, Mikron Automation’s order intake reached a record high level and outperformed the previous year’s figure of CHF 170.5 million by 40.2%. The resulting order backlog of CHF 168.8 million at the end of 2022 was 46.0% higher than that of the end of 2021 (CHF 115.6 million). Mikron Automation posted EBIT of CHF 17.5 million (2021: CHF 15.8 million) and an EBIT margin of 9.5% (2021: 8.9%).

39% of Mikron Automation’s sales came from Europe (including Switzerland), 41% from North America and 19% from Asia. The business segment again significantly strengthened its market position in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry. 91% of sales came from this area in 2022.

Innovations and continuous improvements
In 2022, the Mikron Automation business segment systematically pursued its various product development projects. The opening of a new clean room in Denver, USA, in March 2022 allowed Mikron to offer pre-production services to pharmaceutical and medtech customers and extend our offering and competence.

In 2022, Mikron Automation launched the new MAIA assembly cell, which is ideal for clinical trials and small production volumes. With MAIA, Mikron customers can validate their processes easily, efficiently and cost-effectively for the next scale-up phases.