Business performance

The Mikron Group significantly improved its earnings situation in the past financial year. Both business segments succeeded in increasing annual net sales and achieving strong results. High demand in all key markets, the continued good performance of the Automation and Tool divisions and higher sales in the Machining division were the key factors in this gratifying development. The Group’s net sales rose from CHF 289.5 million to CHF 309.4 million (+6.9%) and order intake from CHF 305.7 million to CHF 408.0 million (+33.5%). The Group’s EBIT for 2022 amounts to CHF 26.4 million (2021: CHF 17.6 million, +50.0%), and the profit for the year is CHF 24.2 million (2021: CHF 17.0 million, +42.4%).

All three divisions of the Mikron Group performed well in the 2022 financial year and achieved some important development targets. At Mikron Automation, the expanded plant in Boudry is now fully operational, with completely reorganized manufacturing processes and material flows. The Mikron Machining division succeeded in improving its result due to higher sales and the completed consolidation of all activities into one building in Agno, while the Mikron Tool division realized several new product developments for applications in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries and opened the extension to the production building in Agno.

To cope with increasing inflation, all three divisions analyzed prices regularly and implemented all the necessary price adjustments. Thanks to pro-active discussions with suppliers, as well as solutions found with customers, the raw material and energy price increases did not significantly impact Mikron’s profitability. Due to the high down payments from customers, the exchange rate impact with a stronger Swiss franc and weaker euro remained limited for Mikron in the year under review.